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Our 2011 Winter Weekend Shirts just arrived! :) Praise the Lord!

Our 2011 Winter Weekend Shirts just arrived! :) Praise the Lord!

WINTER WEEKEND 2010 PICTURES (all 605 of ‘em!)

Winter Weekend Is Almost Here!!!

So winter weekend is getting closer…You can still join us! If you haven’t handed in a permission slip and the money, get the slip from the back of the sanctuary OR email a request for one to

Here’s what you need to remember:

  1. We’re leaving the CCQ parking lot at 4:30 pm (sharp, very sharp…) on January 8th.
  2. Bring some cash or something to barter with, like chickens. Because we’ll be stopping in on the fine people at McDonald’s for dinner Friday night and we don’t want you to go hungry.
  3. Bring warm clothes…it will be cold and we will be snow tubing.
  4. Bring your Bible. If you have the Bible on your phone or iPod, still bring a Bible. There will be no use of phones unless it’s an emergency, and no iPods…even if it is an emergency.(plus, we’ll be asking you to hand them in anyway)
  5. Bring a sleeping bag and a pillow.
  6. Please, please, please bring tooth brushes/toothpaste and whatever other toiletries you will need to keep you from smelling weird (especially the guys).
  7. We will be returning to the Church at 3:30pm on Sunday the 10th. Tell your parents not to forget to pick you up.

If you have any questions please contact David Toro @ 484-505-6775 or Luis Toro @ 570-994-7345